What’s hot and what’s not with Kindle Fire?

Watching Engadget’s Kindle Fire video convinced me my world would be a better place if I owned one. Yet the early reviews are not promising. Let’s cut through the techno-jargon and find out, in plain English, what’s hot and what’s not with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.



It’s a thing of beauty for two reasons: First it has a simplistic, chic design with little in the way of branding. Second, we finally might see some serious competition for the iPad. To quote one blog “The Kindle Fire is stuck between e-ink minimalism and gleaming iPad decadence.” In other words, it’s both simple and flashy.

It has a dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM and a 7-inch, 16-million colour display which lends some of its technology from Anroid devices. Sorry, what? It’s fast enough, has a fancy colour screen and uses technology which people already like.

It is also simple to use. You logon to see a simplistic book shelf and you can easily organise all of your content from there, be it newspapers, magazines, books, music, videos, documents or apps.

If you need more content on the move, Amazon’s store is always a couple of clicks away meaning you can access the entirety of Amazon’s catalogue in a flash.

The Fire is not just about reading, while page turning is slick and downloads are seamless let’s not forget that as a tablet you can access a mixture of the content you love.  


Two words: page freeze. If you buy a reading device you want to be able to read on it. Early reviews are pointing out that the Fire occasionally ‘lags’ when you’re navigating from one page to another.

It’s not an iPad. Many reviews keep banging on about how it’s not as powerful as an iPad. It’s worthwhile reminding ourselves that is in not, in fact, an iPad and if you want more of a powerful toy then the Fire is not for you.

You don’t get a built in camera or microphone and the battery life isn’t amazing.

Do I still want one?

Without doubt, only I’ll be waiting a while yet here in the UK.


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One response to “What’s hot and what’s not with Kindle Fire?

  1. McStrovafitch

    I cant wait for it to come to the UK, I think it will really give the iPad a run for its money.

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